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Help & Frequently Asked Questions


Shopping on Skyo

Rental Books

Q: What is textbook rental? [+ Expand]
A: Rental is a way to get the exact book you need for your class at the lowest possible price. You pay a fraction of the retail cost, use the book for a specified period, and return it. We pay what we owe the book publishers by renting it again to someone later.
Q: How do I rent books? [+ Expand]
A: Just search for the book you are looking for and choose how long you need it. Follow the steps to checkout and we'll take care of the rest.
Q: Is it OK to write or highlight in my rented books? [+ Expand]
A: Sure, just don’t go overboard – remember someone else will use the book after you. With Skyo, you have the freedom to highlight and take notes all within the normal wear and tear associated with course work. Where’s the “overboard” line? If you would be annoyed by the condition of the book when you received it, that’s over the line.
Q: Will my rental book arrive in new or used condition? [+ Expand]
A: Most rentals are shipped in used condition. Depending on availability, you may be the first to rent your particular book and receive a new copy. Unfortunately, we can’t honor requests for rentals in either condition.
Q: How do the rental periods work? [+ Expand]
A: When you rent from Skyo, you choose your rental period (30, 45, 60, 90 or 125 days). We also let you extend the due date by a few days so you can have the book until your exam. (The number of additional days you get depends on the length of the rental period you choose and the time of year.) If you need find your rental return date, you can check your receipt as well as the books information under My Account. And we’ll remind you to return the book via the email address you provide.

New & Used Books

Q: Do you offer books for sale? [+ Expand]
A: Yes! If we can find the textbook new or used we’ll list the available versions alongside the rental options.
Q: Do you buy back books? [+ Expand]
A: Our partners at do! If you buy a book from Skyo there will be a buyback button next to that title in your My Account screen.

Digital Books

Q: What is a digital book? [+ Expand]
A: Not all digital books are created equal. Some digital brands are carbon copies of their physical counterparts; others add lots of bells and whistles. Can’t tell the difference? Skyo is here to help! When you encounter a digital books, just click on the digital brand name (like “CafeScribe”) and you’ll get a pop-up with information that will help you decide if digital is the right choice for you.
Q: Where do I get my access code for my digital textbook? [+ Expand]
A: Log in information and access codes for your digital textbook will be included in your order confirmation email.
Q: How can I get Technical Support for my digital book? [+ Expand]
A: Tech Support for all our digital books are handled by their publishers. Look for the contact information in your order confirmation email along with the access code for your digital textbook.

Where Skyo sources Books / freq of inventory updates

Q: Do you have a book warehouse? [+ Expand]
A: We certainly do. Our vast warehouse is located in beautiful Aurora, IL. However that isn’t the only place we get books from. Skyo looks at vendors from all across the internet to ensure that we’re offering you the biggest selection and best deals on the titles you need.
Q: Why was my order shipped from different vendors? [+ Expand]
A: Skyo sources course materials and textbooks from all over the internet so you don’t have to! We check prices at our warehouse in addition to a number of other online sources multiple times a day to make sure you get the best deal. This means that your shipment may arrive in different packaging or sources. But if you have any question Skyo’s Customer Service team can help and you’ll return the book to us for FREE at the end of your term.

Pricing and Charges

Q: Why are the books so cheap? [+ Expand]
A: Skyo knows college is expensive and that saving on textbooks is a must. Skyo has low overhead costs, and works to ensure we’re getting you the best deal. We do this by sourcing from all over so you don’t have to. Though textbook prices can change daily, Skyo’s prices have averaged 10 percent lower than other textbook rental websites over the past six months.
Q: Why was my credit card “charged” twice for my purchase? [+ Expand]
A: Skyo, like all online retailers, requires authorization to verify funds are available. The authorization charges will clear once the full transaction has been processed.
Q: Why was I charged sales tax? [+ Expand]
A: When you buy a book from Skyo, sales tax is applied to any order as required by the state. Shipping taxes are never applied with Skyo. If you rented your textbook, you may also notice that some state have a requirement for a rental tax that may or may not be the same as their sales tax.


Q: When will my order arrive? [+ Expand]
A: It all depends:
  1. Allow 5-9 business days for FREE standard shipping.
  2. Allow 3-6 business days for $8 shipping.

Note: orders can take several days to process in the warehouse prior to shipping. A tracking number may not post to your online account until item is in transit. Estimated ship times are based on orders shipped in the continental U.S. Items may ship separately.

Q: Can you ship to an APO / FPO location? [+ Expand]
A: We currently do not offer shipping to APO / FPO locations.
Q: Can I pick up my rental at the bookstore? [+ Expand]
A: Sometimes. To see if your store is participating, just shop as you normally would and see if your local bookstore is listed as a shipping option during checkout.

Customer Accounts

Q: How do I reset my password? [+ Expand]
A: Click here.
Q: Can I delete or modify my credit card information? [+ Expand]
A: A valid credit/debit card must be on file to rent and remain active during your rental period. If rentals are not returned or are damaged, charges will be applied to the credit/debit card on file. If you do not have any outstanding rentals and wish to modify your account, contact Customer Service.
Q: Can I delete my account? [+ Expand]
A: Because we rent so many textbooks, it’s important that we keep customers on file. However, if you do not have any outstanding rentals and wish to edit or delete your account please contact Customer Service.
Q: Where can I find the CVV code on my credit/debit card? [+ Expand]
A: This three digit code is located on the back of your credit/debit card right next to the last four digits of your account number within the signature box.
Q: What’s with the school association? [+ Expand]
A: There are several advantages to selecting where you go to school. For example, many schools share their course information with us which allows their students to get specific results through our “Search by Course” functionality. (Check out the tab by the keyword search box on the homepage!)

Order Support & Security Back to top


Q: Can I track my order? [+ Expand]
A: The first step to checking the status of your order is to head to your My Account screen and see if the tracking is available. A couple things to remember:
  1. All orders can only receive a tracking number once they have been processed, which can take up to 24 hours.
  2. Orders shipped from the Skyo warehouse will contain a FedEx tracking number, if your order is sourced from one of our marketplace partners, your tracking may not be available. If you need any assistance locating your order, contact Customer Service.
Q: I placed an order and it hasn’t arrived. What should I do? [+ Expand]
A: The first step is to login to your My Account screen to see if tracking is available. If it isn't there or you have waited longer than six days, contact Customer Service and we’ll see if we can track it down for you.

Wrong/ Missing Book or Materials

Q: What if I received the wrong book? [+ Expand]
A: If you get an incorrect book, contact Customer Service for assistance. We will do our best to ship a replacement quickly at no extra charge to you.
Q: The listed book includes a supplement. Are supplements (such as access codes, CDs, or workbooks) included with my book? [+ Expand]
A: We can’t promise supplements will be included or accessible with our used or rental books, since most additional materials are one-time use. However, if you aren’t a 100 percent satisfied with your books, we accept refunds up to 21 days after your order date.
Q: Why does my supplement (CD, Access Code) not work? [+ Expand]
A: Some items (like access codes) are one-time use and may not work; others (like CDs) will likely work. Remember supplements aren't guaranteed in rentals, but if you aren’t a 100 percent satisfied with your books, we issue full refunds up to 21 days after your order date.

Modifying / Canceling Orders

Q: Can I cancel my order? [+ Expand]
A: You can cancel an order in “My Account” for about two hours after order is placed. While the order is still cancelable, the “Cancel” button will be visible near the book in your account. After about two hours the warehouse starts processing the order and it can no longer be canceled. The next option is to wait for the book to arrive and immediately return for a refund. You can ship back refunds free for up to 21 days after your order date.
Q: If I don’t want my books, can I just refuse the delivery? [+ Expand]
A: Because Skyo sources from all over to get you the best deal, your order may be shipped from a number of different vendors. It’s best to follow the return instructions on when you change your mind about an order and call Customer Service if you have any questions.
Q: I made an error with my shipping address. Can it be changed? [+ Expand]
A: If your order has been processed, we will not be able to change the shipping address. We will be happy to issue a refund for any order that is returned. Please contact Customer Service for assistance regarding any shipping issues.
Q: Can I change my shipping method or destination? [+ Expand]
A: Sorry! We cannot make any shipping changes to an order once it has been processed.


Q: I just dropped a class and I no longer need my book. How can I return it for a refund? [+ Expand]
A: Yes, Skyo accepts refunds up to 21 days after the order date. Items returned in the same condition as sold will receive a full refund, and your account will be credited 24-72 hours after we receive your return. Here’s what to do:
  1. Click on “My Account” at the top of the screen and log in if necessary
  2. If you are still within the 21 day return period, click the “Refund” button (the Refund button will disappear when you are beyond the return period)
  3. Follow the instructions to generate a pre-paid shipping label and packing list
  4. Pack the item securely, and ship from any FedEx location or Ground Service drop-box

Remember return shipping is always free as long as you follow the return instructions. If you mistakenly ship at your own expense, we cannot reimburse you.

Q: How will I receive a refund if I return an item? [+ Expand]
A: A credit will be applied to your original method of payment. Note that if you have opted to pay for expedited shipping, those fees will not be refunded.
Q: Can I get a refund? [+ Expand]
A: Your books can be returned within 21 days of your order date. Log into your My Account at top of the page, find your book and click Refund.
Q: Has my refund been issued? [+ Expand]
A: We'll email when your books arrive at the warehouse. But keep in mind that it can take 2-5 business days for our system to issue your refund.

Book Buyback

Q: I own the book, can I sell it to you? [+ Expand]
A: Yes! You can sell your book through our partner site,


Q: Is your website secure? [+ Expand]
A: Yes, we provide an easy, secure shopping experience and we offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Returning your Rental Back to top


Q: Will I receive a reminder to return my rented books? [+ Expand]
A: Yes! We’ll send you email reminders 7 days before, 3 days before, and 1 day before your rental due date. We’ll also send an email on the date your rental is due. When a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, your books will be due the next business day.
Q: At the end of my rental period, how do I return my book(s)? [+ Expand]
A: Here are the steps to return your rental:
  1. Log into My Account
  2. Find a book you wish to return and click the “Rental Return” button
  3. Select any additional books you want to return in your shipment
  4. Print a pre-paid shipping label and packing list
  5. Pack your books and packing list securely and take your box to any FedEx Ground Service drop-box

Remember, return shipping is always free of charge, as long as you follow the return instructions. But if you mistakenly ship at your own expense, we can’t reimburse you.

Q: Can I return my rental to the local campus bookstore? [+ Expand]
A: Sometimes. To see if your store is participating, go through the Rental Return process as usual and see if your bookstore is listed as a return location.
Q: When should I return my rental to avoid being late? [+ Expand]
A: Your return must be postmarked by FedEx on or before the due date. But don’t worry, we’ll send you a couple email reminders before your due date to help make sure you return your book on time.
Q: How much will you charge me if I don’t return my rented book on time? [+ Expand]
A: If you do not return your book by the due date, you will be automatically charged for a 14 day rental extension….which is usually a pretty small sum. And every two weeks we’ll charge you another extension until you return your book or until you’ve paid us the amount equal to buying the book outright.
Q: Will I get money back when I return my rental? [+ Expand]
A: Nope. Renting your textbooks offer guaranteed upfront savings so there is no refund when you return your rental.
Q: My book was lost/stolen or is damaged beyond repair. What can I do? [+ Expand]
A: If the rented book is not returned or is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged the buyout price, which is the current purchase price minus the original rental cost and any extension fees you’ve already paid. In other words, when you rent a book from Skyo you’ll never end up paying more than the purchase price! One other thing to remember: while we encourage you to use your textbooks (notes and highlighting is fine!), if your book has structural damage to the cover or spine you maybe be charged a $15 fee for repairs.
Q: What is the best way to pack my books? [+ Expand]
A: Use a sturdy box and packing materials to avoid damage while in transit. We do not recommend using a paper envelope or any other material that may sustain damage in transit. Contact Customer Service if your books are lost or damaged.
Q: What type of damage is considered unacceptable when I return my books? [+ Expand]
A: Any type of damage that makes the book unusable for the next Skyo customer is considered damaged. This includes:
  1. Water damage or other liquid spills
  2. Warped or stained pages
  3. Missing or torn cover or pages
  4. Damage to the binding
  5. Excessive odor
  6. Excessive highlighting and/or writing throughout the book

Note that is you RECEIVE a book that you feel is in questionable condition, contact Customer Service immediate and we’ll ship you a new book ASAP…at our expense, of course!

Q: I returned my rental using your pre-paid shipping label. How can I track the shipment and be sure you’ve got it? [+ Expand]
A: We'll email when your books arrive at the warehouse. But keep in mind that it can take two business days for our system to update

Keeping/ extending your rented book

Q: What if I need to keep my book a little longer…or I just want to have it forever? [+ Expand]
A: You can pick from a variety of rental periods and you can easily extend the rental by clicking the “Extend Rental” button by the book you need to keep in your My Account screen. If you want to keep your book, you can purchase the book by clicking the “Buyout the Book” button also located in My Account.

About Skyo & Our Books

Q: What is Skyo? [+ Expand]
A: Skyo is a new online shopping experience built for the way students shop. We believe in offering you the textbook choices you want –whether it’s digital, rental or used books- at prices you’ll love. We also believe in listening to our customers and developing pro-student features like flexible rental periods and having returns policies that promote (not punish!) the ability to write
Q: How do I order from the site? [+ Expand]
A: Skyo is similar to other online retailers in that you add merchandise to your online cart and checkout via a step-by-step process. Merchandise is sent to your home or other address you specify. Skyo is different because of our focus on student life. We know you need to make your budget cover “wants’ as well “needs”. Textbooks are a necessity to succeed in your educational pursuits and so we deliver a huge selection of low priced options.
Q: Why is it called “Skyo”? [+ Expand]
A: Right now, would be a better name.  But we have bigger dreams than just offering you afford textbooks. We are looking at every way we can help improving students’ lives and save them money. Need a sweatshirt to cheer on your team? We’re your place. Need some help studying for those midterms? We know a guy. In short, someday soon we want to offer college and high school students everything under the sky…o. Hence the name was born. Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for updates on the site. Or send us your suggestions!

Contact Us

Q: How do I contact Customer Service? [+ Expand]
A: Our Customer Advocates are available Monday through Friday from 7a – 6p CST. Contact us toll-free at 888-398-1977 or via email at

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